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Ohio Kids First Welcomes Rachel Selby as Executive Director, Launches Child Care Campaign and New Website


Monday, April 8, 2024

COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio Kids First, a leading voice in the fight for supporting Ohio kids and families with young children, today announced Rachel Selby as the organization’s new Executive Director.

Additionally, Ohio Kids First today launched a new website that lays out the organization’s priorities, mission and vision – and elevates its current campaign to support policies, lawmakers and candidates who are committed to solving Ohio’s child care crisis that is negatively impacting children, families, and businesses.

“I’m thrilled to be leading Ohio Kids First at such a critical time,” said Selby. “Our state has failed to adequately invest in child care and we rank dead last or close to the bottom on how we treat children and working families. Children, families, and businesses are paying the price for our state leaders’ and the legislature’s inaction – and at times, counterproductive maneuvering – on child care. The DeWine-Husted Administration has an opportunity to step up and prioritize quality, accessible, affordable child care. Families and businesses are desperate for it, and Ohio Kids First is committed to engaging in policies and elections to help make it a reality.”

“The child care crisis affects the ways families are able to build, protect, and provide – negatively impacting the economic strength of our communities,” continued Selby.

Selby’s background includes philanthropy and talent management for Dayton Children's Hospital and assisting in the official launch of the Youth and Family Ombudsman Office of Ohio as their State Liaison. Her personal role as a foster parent for nearly a decade provided a front row seat to the cost of adverse child experiences on all of society. 

“The critical issues that continue to face Ohio kids and families are near and dear to my heart from both lived experience and community involvement,” said Selby. “Championing the rights of children and their families and prioritizing better outcomes for our state’s youngest citizens is my number one priority.”


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