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Children Do Not Have Political Power.


Child on the Bed

 To build a stronger future for our state, Ohio can and must provide children and families the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We need early childhood champions like you to help ensure every child in Ohio has the opportunity for a strong start in life. Ohio is failing to follow the facts and invest in the earliest years—and kids, families, businesses, and communities are paying the price. Candidates and elected officials need to hear your voice.

It's time to put OHIO’S KIDS FIRST.

Our Current Campaign:

Ohio is facing a child care crisis. 

The record-high cost of care is making it impossible for parents to be employed or fully employed, and businesses are struggling with ongoing workforce challenges.

Take Action

The calls for action are growing stronger. Around the country, individuals, organizations, and institutions are demanding action on behalf of children and families.

The child care crisis needs urgent attention.

See the latest headlines and join in the conversation.

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