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Ohio Kids First Calls on Governor DeWine to Lay the Foundation for Investment in Child Care During State of the State Address


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio Kids First (OKF), a leading voice in the fight for supporting Ohio kids and families with young children, is calling on Governor Mike DeWine to elevate the importance of increased investment in child care during his upcoming State of the State address on April 10th.

“The State of Ohio is failing on child care,” said OKF’s Executive Director Rachel Selby. “In many ways, the 2025 budget process will start with the Governor’s State of the State address – and he has the opportunity to lay the foundation to address one of the most pressing needs facing our state: affordable, accessible, quality child care. It is a critical moment, and we are a proud part of the chorus of business leaders and families calling for increased investment to address Ohio’s child care crisis.”

Ohio Kids First recently announced Selby as its new executive director, as well as its child care campaign to support policies, lawmakers and candidates who are committed to solving Ohio’s child care crisis that is negatively impacting children, families, and businesses.

The momentum and need for child care in Ohio have been increasing as the state faces a dual child care and workforce crisis. Recent examples of calls for investment in child care include:


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