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Governor DeWine’s proposed budget prioritized key investments in kids, families and quality, affordable child care—and would put our state on the path toward a friendlier business environment.

But, the Ohio Senate’s proposed budget to fund our state for two years cuts half a billion dollars in supports for kids.

The Senate’s Budget is a shameful attack on children and families— and would cause irreparable harm to families, children and businesses.


We need Governor DeWine to continue fighting for Ohio kids and restore funding for kids, parents and child care in the final budget.

The Senate’s misguided budget would worsen the dual child care and workforce crises facing our state. And it is undermining Governor DeWine’s leadership to make child care more affordable and accessible.


Here’s an overview of the impacts of the Senate’s budget:


  • Undermines the Department of Children & Youth.

  • Diminishes Ohio’s quality child care system.

  • Severely limits access to publicly funded child care.

  • Further reduces resources for childhood mental health.

  • Undermines the implementation of the longstanding leadership of the Governor’s Children’s Services Transformation task force.

  • Decimates programs supporting pregnant women and babies and stymies the response to the infant mortality crisis.

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